Idiomatic FileMaker – White Paper


A team of developers employed at Dr. Bott LLC, had been maintaining, enhancing, and contemplating long-term scalability of a FileMaker® solution that was made up of hundreds of thousands of objects and forty million records. That team regularly encountered challenges, usually of our own making, or by that of our power users. Rather than applying one bandaid after another, the culture supported our efforts to build tools and refine best practices over multiple iterations.

As the team was disbanding we saw the need to gather our collective thoughts and plans. We collected our internal wiki pages, photographs of white board sessions, our various napkin notes, and organized them into a white paper. There are a half dozen topics that were omitted as unfinished debates, instead our effort was to focus on items that our team generally agreed on. The principles in our paper are things we successfully adopted within our environment.

View or download the paper from this link:

Related example (three .fmp12 files) is also available for download: updated  2021-09-29

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