Sharing at PDX FileMaker Meetup

Looking forward to a good meeting tonight where I’m going to see how many practical SQL query recipes we can cook up that fit well with FileMaker solutions. This should be really helpful for people who haven’t had time to dig into the topic much.

I plan on moving quickly, so if you missed anything you can download the sample files here:

Update 2/12/15:

A few people had questions at the Meetup, including: How do you handle referencing fields? with a custom function? What about criteria substitution or error handling?

I’ve been very happy with a couple of functions that were adapted from Kevin Frank at I have not yet had any performance problems related to using field references instead of hard coded strings. To demonstrate my real world use of these functions I updated the sample file with a little script that runs a query and displays the result in a dialog. The new sample can be downloaded here:



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