The FileMaker® platform is a tool to develop and deploy databases and applications for the corporate office, iPad®, iPhone®, and the web. FileMaker finds it’s niche in small business, fortune 500s, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and in the fields of education, medical, and government.


The ScaleFM site is a place where information is shared that relates to scaling solutions into larger environments, often with numerous users and multiple developers. Topics will typically be related to identifying challenges, offering solutions, and proposing best practices.

ScaleFM was launched with the release of a white paper, “Idiomatic FileMaker”. We plan to continue posting regular technical articles related to advanced topics surrounding scaling with FileMaker solutions.

  • ACID – Is FileMaker Atomic? (Part 2)

    The atomicity property of the ACID model mainly involves how changes to records are committed or discarded. Situations where a solution explicitly manages the FileMaker’s commit or revert, will often be described as transactions. Related FileMaker features include: Commit Records/Requests...

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  • Is FileMaker ACID Compliant? A Series

    Wether your are selecting a database platform for a new project, or looking to bolster the durability of an existing project, understanding the ACID model is an important foundation. As a developer on numerous…

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  • FileMaker Serializers Compared

    Introduction Serialization is a common technique used to enclose multiple items or complex data structures into a simplified stream of information. That stream can be stored or transported and then later retrieved. The most...

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  • Charmed by SVG

    Prompted by some of the new capabilities of FileMaker 14, I recently did some digging into SVG’s to see what was possible. I’ve been using SVG’s for a while, and first got interested in...

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If you have challenges with a solution that isn’t scaling to meet your growing organization’s needs, then feel free to reach out to us. Even better, contact ScaleFM to develop a road map that will streamline future scaling needs.

If you are currently an expert, looking to contribute on these topics, then you should let us know. We’re looking for additional people that can help hone the state-of-the-art, challenging assumptions, and providing peer review.

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